Our Mission & Vision

Our mission to build an easy to use product that ultimately results to low touch points and higher automation. Using our technology not only is the most effective method to drive your business forward but also heavily reduces the operational time and expense associated with it. We are true believers that with the use of our technology and knowhow we will continue to make big steps forward to bring technology features to break the barrier to automate task and improve productivity in the staffing industry.

Eliminate the unnecessary.

Improve the necessary.

Not having people available for a job, a ton of paperwork that needs to be organized, documents that need updating, knowing if a person has shown up at a job or not, as well as wasting time with spreadsheets and calendars trying to figure out who is on holiday or sick are but a small part of the challenges that staffing companies face on a daily basis.

Set to resolve these challenges, we built Realday with crucial features that make the recruiting experience vastly more transparent. Features like intuitive shift scheduling allow recruiters to create and assign shifts in minutes. Meanwhile, Realday’s dedicated mobile app empowers workers to set their availability, request time off, accept and trade shifts between each other, upload documents and more. Finally, an integrated location management tool ensures clients can keep track of worker attendance and sign off people’s shifts on the go.

Software centered around people. Not the other way around.

We know that people are companies’ key assets. Realday is focused on your people, optimizing their time and increasing their productivity. It acts as a single point of interaction for everyone allowing to look after what is most important – people and relationships.