Happy candidates results to more productivity and revenues.

The role of candidates are fundamental to staffing agencies. At fluentemp, we have kept the candidate experience a core part of our staffing platform.

How does fluentemp helps your workers?


Access to their timesheet and jobs  using candidate portal or mobile application.





Each step of information is notified to candidates within minutes by email and sms messages.

Ease of use.

An ease to use candidate portal and mobile app to help them get stuff done with minimal effort.

Workers app overview.

  • Self assign to jobs
  • View, edit and submit timesheets
  • View Upcoming assignment
  • View and Edit Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do i login to submit my timesheet?

To login to fluent visit http://app.fluentemp.com or login via our mobile app.


How do i know my timesheet has been approved.

Once your timesheet is approved by the line manager, you will receive an automatic email to notify you.

How do receive my logins?

Your login details are sent directly to your email by your agency. Additionally you can go to http://app.fluentemp.com to reset your password


It is possible to change my availability

There are no limit to how many times you can change your availability calendar.